July 25th


Sunday July 25th, 1977
Limuru and Malindi, Kenya
This morning I got up at 4:30am and we left for Malindi at 6:15.  We arrived in Mombasa at 12:15pm which was a record for arrival time for us.  We ate our picnic lunch in the back yard of the Chui Road Baptist house.  A couple of missionary families from Ethiopia are in there at the present.  We arrived at Malindi around 3:00pm.  The boys and Marlene rode the waves and swam in the pool awhile.  We talked to the Jones family.  Tom, Nancy, Charles and Francis, M.G. and I all ate at the same table.  The six children sat together.  The waiter called Ken a “Mama” which he didn’t like too much.

Six hours from Limuru to Mombasa was good time.  Even though the trip was only 300 or so miles there are no interstates in Kenya.

Marlene, Alan’s girlfriend at the time must have joined us on this vacation.  Alan and I have been taught to ride waves by one of the best in the business, Marshall Duncan.  Malindi was a great place to bodysurf and I sure we worked up an appetite for the evening meal at the hotel.

That brings us to the point in the story where I unfortunately claimed the title “Mama”.  Alan has a better memory for things like this but as I recall this is the way things happened.  We were at a table with just us kids and the waiter was serving French fries to me and as I said I had worked up an appetite.  He kept waiting for me to say stop and I never did till the plate was empty.  My next door neighbor Tommy was next in line and when he said he would like some fries the waiter pointed in my direction and said, “Mama took them all!”  My long hair and boyish skin had convinced this guy that I was a girl.  Needless to say I was mortified and had to suffer gales of laughter from my brother and Tommy the rest of the trip.  Long hair has always been a sore spot with Dad and this incident did more to convince me to cut my curly locks than all the preaching heretofore.

3 thoughts on “July 25th

  1. Gene

    you mean you had hair — what happened –I know ! you grew up through it

  2. Beth-Ann

    That’s hair story is HILARIOUS!!!! Babu sounds like my dad trying to make Curt not have long hair….but in the end, nothing he says will be even remotely help Curt’s decision when he does decide to have short hair.

  3. Beth-Ann

    Oh yeah, I’m sure you made a beautiful maiden. 🙂

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