July 23rd

Thursday July 23rd, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I washed my hair.  While I was in the shower the electricity went off.  The cows at the assembly ran into the post and caused the wires to hit together.  I had to cook lunch on my camp gas stove.  M.G. bought several things from John Dillman who is going home.  This afternoon M.G., Ken, and I went to the movie “Cannonball Run” I thought that it was rather stupid.  When we got home at 8:00pm Joseph Mayobie was there waiting for us.  He needed to go home to see about his father who is in the hospital.  He needed some money so M.G. gave him the money and then drove him home to Kamirithu.  Just before he left the Scales called from the Turners.  They had gotten home form Mombasa and needed to exchange cars.  The Scales car broke down on the way to Mombasa.

Evidently what started out as a regular day went swiftly down the tubes.  Knowing where Mom and Dad’s shower was she was in darkness when the electricity went off.  I am sure once she got out of the shower and dressed only to find that the cows were at fault she would have echoed that commercial that says, “beef, it’s what’s for dinner!”

Going to the movies with Mom was always entertainment it itself.  She was the type that was always doing something so when she sat down in a dark theater she promptly dropped off to sleep.  Countless are the times we would get back in the car and she would say, “Now, what happened after this…”  Most of the time the “this” she was speaking about was in the opening credits.  All that was to say don’t judge “The Cannonball Run” too harshly from Mom’s critique.

When God calls you as a servant the job is 24/7.  After providing Joseph some money and a ride Dad had to figure out how to outfit the Scale family with a car while they were 300+ miles away on a phone that was just as susceptible to rampaging cows!

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