July 20th

Sunday July 20th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning Ken left for Mombasa with the Jones.  M.G. went to Muguga to church and I went to Tigoni.  Samweli had lunch with us, and then he and M.G. went to Kiambu to start a new preaching place.  M.G. didn’t get home until nearly 6:00pm.  We went to church at 7:15, Webster Carroll preached and Ken Medema gave a short concert.  This afternoon the Petroskeys came by to visit us.  They brought us some limes.

During our mission meetings we would try to get a stateside celebrity to come and visit.  Everyone welcomed the updated news from the states and we also got to rub shoulders with greatness for a little while.  Please read the link to Ken Medema’s site because he is the real deal.  I remember two things from my experience meeting Ken.  The first is his song “Moses” which he performed in concert and the second is an encounter that I had with him and his son on the road to Brackenhurst.  I was out jogging in the afternoon and was making the last pull up the hill from the pond.  Those who have been to Brackenhurst will know exactly where I was at.  I noticed Ken and his young child walking down to the house where they were staying.  No big deal right, wrong, Ken cannot see much of anything since he has been blind from birth.  I thought I would watch him and see if he needed any help getting to the door of his house.  I did not say anything but just stood silently and watched while his child ran past the driveway and about 10 feet further.  The main reason I kept silent was because I wanted to see what Mr. Medema would do outside of his normal surroundings.  He loped past the driveway to catch his son and without hesitation turned and walked back up to the entrance and turned into the road.  He had gone about 5 feet when he turned and looked in my general direction and said with a smile “You didn’t think I could find it did you!”  Needless to say I was impressed with him from that day on.

1 thought on “July 20th

  1. Bob Allen


    I had heard about Ken Medema being at Brackenhurst, but that was 6 1/2 years before we got there. Sounds like he must have stayed with the Harrells at the house just outside the upper Bracken gate (had that house been built then?). I, too, am impressed that he could manage so well not just in unfamiliar surroundings but on that hill!

    Hey, I just “ran” that hill a few months ago. It’s probably more accurate to say that the hill ran me. That is one tough hill, especially because you have no other good option for the last kilometre of a run from Bracken except to climb that hill.

    Again, thanks for doing this blog. It honors Margie and is a whole lot of fun for this missionary who lived in Kenya for so long (and knows your dad, step-mother, and brother — I talked to 2 of the 3 just this week).

    Bob Allen
    CESA Region, IMB

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