July 19th

Monday July 19th, 1976
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. took our air freight into town to mail.  The boys and I packed like crazy all day.  We ate supper with the Batemans.  We left to go to the airport about 9:15.  M.G., Alan, and I were in our Peugeot and it began to make a very strange noise, so we left it at a garage and went on the airport in a van with the Batemans.  We left Nairobi at 12:40.  The Johnsons and the Spains from East Africa were on the plane with us.  We got seats near the Spains on the plane.  They served us food at nearly 2 o’clock.  Then we had breakfast before we got off the plane.  The plane had a little trouble landing, but we didn’t know it until we had landed.  There were fire engines standing by the runway.

The day before we left for furlough was always a hectic time.  Mom always said these were the toughest days to be on the field.

I know I did not stay in Kenya so I can only assume I was already in the van when the car trouble hit.

Don’t worry about the strange noise though, “the last of the Peugeots” kept running for many years to come.

Several of my favorite pastimes include flying and eating.  When I get to combine both in the same day I am not concerned with what time they take place.

There are good times and bad times to find out about plane trouble.  I can tell you from experience that the best time to find out you are having a malfunction is when you are exiting the plane at your destination.

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