July 18th

Wednesday July 18th, 1979
Limuru, Kenya
Well, today M.G. and I have been married 29 years.  They have been very wonderful years.  We took a picnic supper and went to R.V.A. to eat with Ken and to watch the Alumni Rugby game.  There were not very many Alumni there.  Upon arrival there, we learned that Ken and most of his class had skipped school today.  The staff was in a meeting to determine how to punish them.

Today’s focus is on my Mom and Dad.  I choose this particular day because it was the year I graduated from high school.  I think some of the R.V.A. staff would have denied my diploma if they could have.  Looking back on this stunt I realize that this was a small step towards the independence that would one day follow.  I read another blog today that reminded me of just how fortunate we M.K.’s are to have lived in another land.  The rest of my comments will be a synopsis of Mom and Dad’s anniversary dates while on the field.

1965-Dad falls down the steps at the house and they celebrate 15 years at Whispering Palms Hotel
1966-Made supper for other missionaries but used celery soup instead of celery in dressing
1967-Bought a new table and Dad (Mr. Romantic) installs a doorbell
1968-Spent a passionate day at Camp-BA-YO-CA being camp missionaries
1969-Last day of school for Alan and Ken had dinner at the Chinese restaurant
1970-Went into Nairobi for a night on the town and ended up eating with another former missionary
1971-Stayed home from Church this morning feeling sick but did send us boys to Sunday school
1972-Spent the time at another idyllic spot-Camp Smokey
1973-Had supper with some missionaries and an Asian family
1974-Dr. and Mrs. Bunn are visiting from the USA so we spent the day with them
1975-25th anniversary was celebrated with several missionary couples from Limuru
1976-Alan graduates from R.V.A. and Mom and Dad celebrate anniversary with free meal on campus 😦
1977-Spent most of the day washing my dirty clothes from school-Sorry MOM!
1978-Spent the day entertaining a college student from the US on mission/sightseeing trip
1979-See Above
1980-30th anniversary celebrated with homemade cake by Cara Kirkpatrick and movie at their house
1981-Went to R.V.A. graduation thankfully did not get free meal on campus like 5 years past
1982-Ate lunch at Arthurs in Knoxville with some friends

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