July 17th

Thursday July 17th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I made enchiladas for supper tonight.  The Al Rhea family is eating with us.  For lunch I fixed Ken a steak, egg, and salad.  He put honey on his steak like the football players do.  We went to the Alumni game this afternoon.  Ken played and he was so proud.  He did real well too.  The Alumni won 17 to 14.  We saw Mona Houser Entwistle and Dave, Laura Coursey, Mr. and Mrs. Arms, The Whitsons and several others.  Tonight after supper we looked at the Notre Dame game with UT and the Kentucky game.  On the way to the ball game we stopped at the post office and had a letter Alan and Andrea.  She said that Alan had gained a little weight.

Sometimes you experience a day that is a true gift from above.  Today was such a day in my life.

Starting off with a home cooked lunch of steak and eggs my day began to get progressively better.  I then went on to play in the Alumni Rugby game at my old high school.  In high school my greatest sports achievement was being the first team rugby manager.  That’s right, they were the jocks and I got the strap.  After only one year stateside I returned to play against the same first team I had washed clothes for and won!  It was a team effort, but I was able to put some major licks on some of those studs and send them to the dorm with their tails between their legs.

Topping off the day was the news that my svelte brother had put on some pounds only helped add fuel to the running rivalry brothers always have.

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