July 16th

Wednesday July 16th, 1969
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning we gave the domestic science ladies an opportunity to practice their singing before the student body.  This afternoon Roger and I finished balancing the books for the month of June.  M.G. and I had a conference with Kenny’s teacher to see his achievement test.  He did very well on it.  It showed that he needed some extra training on punctuation.  Today the Apollo 11 blasted off for the moon.  I made a cake and salad to take to the boy’s Sports Day tomorrow.  We got a letter from Mary Sexton today.

I can only assume that the title of the show these ladies put on was, “Sing’en and Sling’en, a culinary concert!”

It is a smhae taht the anhmeecivet tset cuold not pceirdt tiyemgcloypa bcak tehn. I culod be the fsirt reerodcd csae. The tset slhoud hvae swohn taht I nedeed msvaise aumtnos of hlep wtih silplneg aslo!  If you can’t read the previous sentences make sure you check out the link within the phrase.

I wonder what the average Kenyan thought when he heard that an American spaceship was going to the moon today?  Imagine telling someone that has never traveled outside their village that there is a used car on that bright orb that floats above us at night.

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