July 15th

Wednesday July 15th, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
Today we finally received the VBS material from the states.  M.G. and I went to town to look for some oil cloth for the table.  We discovered a store in old town where we were able to get it cheaper than at one of the main stores.  Also, we found some real good lettuce and celery at a shop back of the bakery.  We bought some screen wire to put over the table in the kitchen to catch the lizard “pellets”.  The houseboy was amazed at our invention.

Today with worldwide communication an afterthought you forget how exciting mail day became.  Good word from home is welcome in any decade so drop your mission friends a note now and again.

The folks made a good haul during the trip to town including the raw materials for the “invention”.

I am not nearly so troubled about our houseboys amazement, my real concern revolves around my ingestion of lizard “pellets”!  We had lived in Kenya for several months and just now we find a way to prevent this.  My intake of these “pills” probably accounts for my sturdy constitution today.  Someone asked me the other day what I would have wished my parents would have done differently while raising me.  After considerable thought the only answer I could come up with was maybe let me eat a little more dirt to build up my immunity.  I have truly led a blessed life!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

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