July 14th

Saturday July 14th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I ate breakfast at 8 o’clock.  Alan, Jeff, and Ken did not get up until 11:30.  Alan and Jeff just ate cereal but Ken didn’t eat anything.  We had charcoaled hamburgers at 1 o’clock for Alan had to play ball at Nairobi.  His team played Lenna.  Alan really did have a good game.  He made two penalty kicks and one field goal.  The score was 9 to 4 so he made all the points.  The team carried him off the field.  He was really excited.  We got home just in time for Alan to get a shower and for me to pack supper for Ken, Jeff, M.G., and I.  Alan was eating at the Sports Banquet.  After the meal was over we went into the room and watched Alan receive his letter that he got for basketball.  The coach said that he was looking forward to Alan being a very good guard the next two years.  We stayed for the movie, but it was not very good.  It was very late when we got home.

The carefree days of youth, when you could wake up at the crack of noon and no one thought you were a slacker.  For all my readers that were worried about my appetite-don’t it is back.

Alan turned out to be the hero of the day.  He was able to win the game, get clean, and receive top accolades from his coach all in the less than 24 hours.  Although I think that part about “very good guard” was a bit of a stretch.  But who am I to talk since my basketball prowess lies somewhere between knowing the ball is round and needing a mini-tramp to perform a two handed dunk.

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