July 13th

Thursday July 13th, 1967
Mombasa and Camp (Somewhere in the Wild)
I spent most of the morning trying to get things ready for camp.  We left here about 2:30pm and got to camp around 5 o’clock.  M.G., the boys, and I went for a short run.  We saw a kudu but it was running too fast for M.G. to get a shot at him.  Just as we got our tent up and had all but finished eating it began to rain and rained most of the night.  The tent kept us dry and we enjoyed hearing the rain.

As a boy I don’t remember it being this difficult to get ready to go hunting.  But then again all I had to do was show up and get in the car.  Mom and Dad made sure the niceties like food and water were provided.

When Mom said we went for a short run she meant in the car.

We had one of those big bell shaped tents that were made of cotton canvas.  Alan and I thought we were really something when we got to go out on a hunt.  Aside from corralling us boys Dad’s major concern was that one of us would touch the wall of the tent in a downpour.  If you have ever been in one of these tents in the rain you know not to be touching any walls or ceilings.  Evidently we abstained and all enjoyed a cool dry night in the wilds of Kenya.

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