July 12th

Monday July 12th, 1971
Arusha, Tanzania
This morning we left our lodge, Ngorongoro Forest Lodge, at about 8 o’clock and got to the gate at 8:30.  We had 15 minutes left before our 24 hour pass ran out.  We went through the Lake Manyara Park and saw several different kinds of animals.  The main interest was two lions in the trees.  Ken spotted them first and we were so glad for we would have missed them.  M.G. and Ken took several pictures.  We got into Arusha about 3:30pm just in time to see the Partians off to Dar and to America.  We spent the night with the Hamptons.  Boy, was it good to sleep on a good bed and to take a good hot bath.

Ngonrongoro Crater Conservation Area is a world all to itself.  We had spent the night before on the rim of the crater after touring inside all day.  Check out the link and read about a truly wonderful game park.

Lake Manyara Park is one of the few places where you will see lions in trees.  Here to for I did not know that they could climb trees all that well.  Thanks to my sharp young eyes we spotted two right off the road and spent a fair amount of time shooting pictures.

Mom was just ready to enjoy the comforts of a home cooked meal, bath, and bed.

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