July 11th

Friday July 11th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I made some marshmallow cream to fix a sauce to go over our fruit salad for lunch.  We ate with the Kirkpatricks for Cherry and I are trying to decide what to have for the mission meeting banquet.  Today Mamaw finished the blouse that she had started for me.  Cherry cut Mamaw’s hair today and I rolled it for her.  This afternoon I went to Uplands to the women’s meeting.  The little girl at the house where we were meeting left as soon as she came in from school to carry water for the household.  The lady served me tea.  M.G. went to work on the Amos Daniel’s place to help him.  He didn’t get home until 9:00pm.  Got a letter from Mom, Charles and Nita, and Alan and Andrea.

Things started out today like most days in Kenya, making the raw materials to make a simple recipe.  I am a Food Network junkie and yet I can’t help but wonder how many of their great chef’s could survive or, like Mom, thrive in Kenya.

The Africans venerate old age, so my Dad’s mother commanded respect wherever she showed up.  She became right at home on the mission field and was loved by all that came in contact with her.

Margie’s hair salon was open for business in between cooking prep and church work.

We take for granted indoor plumbing here in the US.  Don’t think for a minute that Mom was not touched by this young girl’s willingness to provide for her refreshment.  The tea that she drank came from the water that girl carried.  I will try to remember this incident the next time I grumble about not having enough ice in my glass at lunch.

News from home were always “red letter” days! (Pun intended)

1 thought on “July 11th

  1. Gene

    We are so blessed–we Americans are spoiled– central heat and air indoor plumbing. I’m not so young but I can remember going to get water from our spring and getting wood and coal for to cook with , but now we don’t miss the water until the well runs dry. Good Day

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