July 10th

Wednesday July 10th, 1968
Camp Linden, Tennessee
We met our usual classes this morning.  Right after lunch M.G. and I took the boys swimming along with John Nichals the other m.k.  This afternoon at 4:30pm we had field day.  They had us missionaries do many of the activities after they finished.  I did the first broad jump that I ever did in my life.  We had a picnic lunch afterwards, and then it really rained.  Tonight M.G. showed slides and spoke.  I wore my Tanzania dress and M.G. and the boys wore their Tanzania shirts.  Each of them sang a song-Kenny sang “Jesus Loves Me” in Swahili and Alan sang a folk song in Ribe.

Going to camp as I remember was a big deal to us kids.  We got to meet and hang out with American children that were our own age.  However being raised overseas seemed to have made Alan and I a little more independent than the youngsters here.

The thought of Mom doing the broad jump brings many a picture to my mind.  I am proud of her because she was still trying new things.

The Tanzania dress and shirts, most likely some outlandish print and Alan, nor I, would be caught dead in.  If someone were able to produce a video of this virtuoso performance they could likely make some serious cash with it.  My singing abilities are known far and wide.

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