July 8th

Thursday July 8th, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
We got up this morning and started packing to move into the Smith’s house.  Just as we got it loaded the rain started but we ran out of it before we got to Nyali.  We got over here at the Smith’s house at 11:30 and she was already gone.  We had lunch with the Travis family and the boys stayed with them for awhile as we were unpacking.  We had to put up the boys a mosquito net.  The kitchen being outside here was very inconvenient as I was preparing us a bowl of soup.  The boys were very rowdy tonight so we put them to bed very early.

We moved from house to house during our first few months in Kenya.  Mom soon realized how unimportant hot food was when she had to adapt to the kitchen being outside and down some stairs.  I am not sure even today why anyone would build a house this way.

I can attribute my love for fire to these early days in Mombasa.  Not only did we have to have mosquito nets to ward off the pesky critters but we had to burn those ring things also.  After the first few times of lighting them for us Dad soon just gave us the matches and let us go.  Thankfully we never had a fire get out of control. (No, Dad we did not have a large fire…well maybe medium size fire!)

Anyone that knows me and my brother will have a difficult time believing we were ever “rowdy” however Mom did not make a habit of lying so we will have to trust her this time.

1 thought on “July 8th

  1. Tracey Murry

    Rowdy? While I have never met your brother, I can speak from experience that you and Paul can get rather rowdy on Sunday mornings and evenings on the camera crew!

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