July 7th

Saturday July 7th, 1979
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. went into Nairobi to pick up our carvings that we had ordered.  I went to Limuru to the market.  It was very muddy and messy.  Ken, C.O. and Paul all slept late.  They had a late breakfast so they were not very hungry at lunch.  This afternoon Jack and Sally Conley came down and I ended up inviting them for supper.  We charcoaled on the grill.  The “Waltons” didn’t come on for they were showing President Moi’s return from Malawi.  Football made in Germany was on, and late we looked at a movie about Jerry Lewis.  Ken hasn’t felt very well all day.  My dryer tore up again today.  One of the pieces that M.G. glued came off.

It was very rainy today according to Mom.  That must have been the reason we all slept so late.  We being the young adults mentioned above.  Dad and Mom must have risen with the chickens which was their routine.

The Conley’s timed their visit just right because they got to enjoy some of my grilling expertise.

We missed the “Waltons” but got to enjoy seeing the President return from his overland trip.

Mom did not wax eloquent about the Jerry Lewis movie so it must have been one of his lesser works.  The dryer just needed another dose of “bailing wire” to fix it up good as new.  It is a good thing Dad had a ready supply of that and duct tape for emergencies!


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