July 6th

Tuesday July 6th, 1982
Knoxville, Tennessee
This morning M.G. and I went out to Mom and Dad’s house to take them to town.  Dad needed a haircut and Mom wanted to go to the bank and do some other business.  I did three loads of clothes on Mom’s washer.  We went on to Oak Ridge and Oliver Springs.  M.G. picked up some video equipment in Oliver Springs that he plans to take back to Kenya.  We ended up eating supper with George and Betty.  Then later M.G. and George went to see a movie.  Betty and I stayed home and rested and talked.

Looks like Mom and Dad are playing the taxi cab today.  I am not sure who got the better part of this deal.  Three loads of clothes going through the whole system would put a drain on anyone’s housing budget.  I feel sure the fellowship that was had was more than ample payment.

Dad always had a plan in mind.  I would not call these ideas schemes but he was always working on some new and different way the spread the Gospel.

George and Betty Duncan were Dad’s brother and sister-in-law.  Every ship needs an anchor and that is what Uncle George and Aunt Betty were to us while we were in Africa.  When my Aunt Betty found out I was doing this blog she told me a hilarious story about Mom.  I will call her sometime today and get the details and place it in the comments section.

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