July 5th

Saturday July 5th, 1969
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning I shampooed my hair.  I made a batch of potato chips for the boys.  The Moore children (boys) were here.  They really liked them.  This afternoon we took our boys and the Moore boys to the movie, “Inspector Clouseau”.  When we got back home, we found out that Tom Mboya, the minister for Economic Planning and Development was shot this afternoon while downtown shopping.  We were really sorry to hear this, for he seemed like a very nice man and was a very smart man.

It was not until I got married that I realized some people do not wash their hair every day.  Now upon reading Mom’s diaries I realize that she was one of those people.  I know if we could harness the power found in my oily hair I could singlehandedly solve the energy crisis by this practice.

My love affair with the “Pink Panther” series started this year.  Even today when I think about some of the antics of Peter Sellers in these movies I cannot help but laugh.

Anytime a man’s life is taken prematurely it is a sad thing.  As missionaries in a foreign land you never knew when this kind of event could change your way of life.

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