July 4th

Friday July 4th, 1980
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G., Mammaw, and I went into Nairobi to shop.  We went by the Thika Road house for M.G. to do some work on the wiring.  We stayed there about an hour.  We had lunch at the Tin Tin.  Ken went to R.V.A. to speak in some of the classes.  Tommy went with him and they brought back a bunch of kids with them.  Doug Blakely ate supper and spent the night with us.  Doug, Tommy, Andy, and Ken helped M.G. cut some wood.  We are burning lots of wood these days for it is so cold.  Tonight we went to the Moore’s place at 8:00pm for cake and ice cream.

Dad was outnumbered this morning for the shopping trip.  But it looks like the women got to spend a little quality time with the wiring schematic chart later on that morning.  All parties were paid back with lunch at the Tin Tin.  Knowing my love for shopping with the feminine gender the Tin Tin would not have covered the tab with me.

I headed off to the Rift to impart some worldly wisdom gleaned from the foothills of Tennessee.  Tom Jones, my next door neighbor, evidently joined me for moral support.

I am sure that we just had to mention home cooking and we garnered a car full of M.K.’s ready to work for food.

Paul Bunyan I am not, so Dad did not get a bargain when I volunteered to help cut wood.  I probably joined the outing for the social aspect, not to get any real work done.  We were rewarded with homemade cake and ice cream for helping provide fuel to keep the Duncan women warm.

1 thought on “July 4th

  1. Gene

    It’s cold the 4th of July in africa–I thought it was always hot there year round — but what do know I’m from Sevier County.

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