July 3rd

Wednesday July 3rd, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went into town.  We went by the C.P.K. school where the Horton’s and Lynn Davis were having their test.  This afternoon about 3:30 we went to Kijabe to see Alan play Rugby.  The Horton’s went with us.  It rained just as we were approaching the back road so we slid all over the place.  The African team finally showed up around 5:30pm so they played.  Alan made two goals.  Right at the end of the game he got the breath knocked out of him and didn’t get up for a few minutes.  It really scared me.  We came on home and had our sandwiches.  Kenny and Jay slept outside tonight.

I think that C.P.K. school was language school but I can’t be sure.  If any of my readers know please comment so I will know next time.

I know this will sound crazy but I learned to drive in the snow of Tennessee by driving back and forth to R.V.A.  When it did rain the both roads leading to school would be so slick you could barely stand up.  Dad always told us boys to turn into the skid and that would help you straighten out the car.  At the time that made about as much sense to me as leaning into the punch someone is throwing at me.  Dad proved right once again and crow does not taste any better when you eat it later in life!

With as much crazy stuff as Alan and I did it is amazing Mom did not have a nervous breakdown.  For the uninitiated Rugby is similar to American Football except without the pads, helmets, and downs.  But they did always have a bucket of water and a sponge for medical supplies.

Camping out in the wilds of my backyard was made somewhat drier when Dad installed a tin lean-to against a tree.  It was not until years later that I understood why he picked that location to place the tin structure.  Whenever it rained the sound of the water on that tin roof would penetrate Mom and Dad’s bedroom window a scant 10-12 feet away and lull them into dreamland.  I just thought he was protecting me from the elements!

1 thought on “July 3rd

  1. Bob Allen

    C.P.K. almost certainly refers to the language school of the Church of the Province of Kenya (now called the Anglican Church of Kenya, A.C.K.). By the time we got to Kenya in 1987, IMB personnel weren’t using CPK but I think they did in earlier days.

    Bob Allen
    CESA Region, IMB, SBC

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