July 2nd

Wednesday July 2nd, 1969
Nairobi, Kenya
This morning I taught my two English classes.  We had to ask about 6 to leave for they had not paid their fees.  This is very depressing, and you wish that you could just pay them for them.  This afternoon we went to a wholesale house and bought 4 packages of fish, 12 packages of sausages, and 2 chickens.  M.G. went over to Billy Bob Moore’s house to fix his front porch light.  He changed the bulb but couldn’t locate the switch.  Then tonight about 9:30pm they called to say that the light was on.  They turned it when they turned the other front light on.

Being a good teacher and example is a tough job.  Sometimes you have to make some decisions that seem at the time contrary to your ultimate goal.  Mom must have learned that making people be responsible for their actions will produce responsible people.  I can remember at least one time when I got myself into a bind and ran to my folks for help and they said “Si shari yangu!”(Swahili for that is not my problem)  At the time it seemed the utmost in cruelty but looking back on that day today I can see that they were just helping God make me a man.

Dad could never go anywhere without taking a screwdriver with him.  He was and is a handyman extraordinaire.  However even the best electrician needs electricity to make the lights work.  I know how hard it can be to know which switch to flip from personal experience with my security lights.  Like father, like son!

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