June 29th

Tuesday June 29th, 1976
Limuru, Kenya
This afternoon I went to Kamirithu for a women’s meeting.  I learned after arriving that another class was going on there and that our Baptist people were not cooperating very well.  The African man in charge has a long talk with me.  While we were sewing, a young boy came running in to tell his mother that her baby had been burned.  I got the mother and baby in the car to take them to the hospital and discovered that I had a flat.  A young African man changed the tire for me.  We had a hard time getting the spare from underneath the car for I didn’t know how to release it.  Finally we found how to release it.  We came home then.  In the meantime the woman had gotten a ride to the hospital with her baby.  Bilha and I stopped to see about her.  They kept the baby for the night.  We went to the Bible Study at the Bateman’s house.  Mildred Cagle came with a shoe of a kind on.

It seems that Baptists the world over are pretty much the same.  Someone was evidently not playing well with others.  However it looks like Mom was able to sort things out.

While in the class catastrophe struck.  You really never know when God is going to challenge your resolve.  I am sure throughout the tire fiasco Mom and her cool head prevailed.  She probably organized the ride to the hospital with someone else while her means of travel was hampered.  This was before cell phones so the Kenyan version of AAA was unavailable.

Women can spot an anomaly from 100 yards.  I am sure Mildred had another pair of shoes just like these in her closet at home.

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