June 28th

Monday June 28th, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
M.G. and I went to the market to get stuff for the station meeting supper tonight.  George made curry and it was very good.  It was our first time to entertain all of them for a meal.  We took Alan back to the doctor, and he finished the cast on Alan’s arm.  He told Alan that he was not known as the “Silent American”.  We got a letter from Helen today, and she was surprised to know that I had been to Tanzania.

A big day was being had in the Duncan household.

I am sure that Mom was anxious to have everything just right for the rest of the missionaries.  It strikes me as funny that vanity played a role in this performance even though we were in Africa.  I am sure Mom made us clean up our rooms just in case one of the wives got lost on the way to the bathroom and stumbled into my quarters and was never seen again.

It seems this doctor in Kenya was something of a clairvoyant.  Alan has been in his care for a few days and he molds his life forever with those prophetic words.  Alan is many things but “silent” is not one of them!

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