June 27th

Saturday June 27th, 1981
Samburu Lodge and Limuru, Kenya
This morning we left the lodge after breakfast.  When we got back to our room, the workers had already taken our sheets off the beds.  This was not what we expected.  We ate lunch in Nyeri at the Outspan Hotel.  We ordered from the menu rather that eat from the buffet table and this about blew their mind.  We had to detour on the way.  We got home about 4 o’clock.  We found out that the Stickney’s had spent the night here on Friday night.  They had locked Peter out of the house.  For supper I made us waffles and sausage gravy.  We were all so tired.

I don’t know if Mom and Dad were going to take a nap after breakfast but the Lodge staff put that idea out of their head pretty quickly.

Having experienced the Outspan buffet in the past Dad and Mom were circumventing such delights as steak and kidney pie or beef tongue.  Ordering off the menu took the cooks by surprise I am sure.  I guess the waiters were just surprised that these “wazungus” (white folks) would pass up a buffet table for a la carte.

Waffles and gravy topped the day off and we went to bed full and satisfied from another long trip.

1 thought on “June 27th

  1. Cindy

    So that’s where you learned to make your special sausage gravy! I know, it is not on the Atkins Diet.

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