June 26th

Saturday June 26th, 1976
Limuru, Kenya
Ken did not get to come in today for it was intermediate field day.  Alan had gone to Arusha for the choir concert.  We went out to Kijabe for a picnic supper with Ken and stayed for the movie.  Tommy and Andy Jones rode out there with us Andy wanted to see his girl friend Mary Wester.  On the way back from Kijabe we went to Mirathu to pick up Jackson.  As we were going down a country road we saw a man lying in the road.  As we came back, he was still there.  Jackson said for us not to stop.

This must have been a dark day when I had to stay at R.V.A for the weekend.  However it looks like Mom took pity on me and packed up “Solomon’s” banquet and brought it out to her suffering child.

A movie at R.V.A was an interesting exercise to say the least.  This boarding school had a student population of about 400 kids while I was there.  These children were distributed in grades 1 through 12.  You can imagine the job the staff had choosing a movie for Saturday night.  Sometimes the staff would not have much to pick from so they would try to “censor” one of the movies they could get.  This process would involve watching the movie and cutting the sound or the lights when the content got to “risqué”.  Sometimes they would have timing issues and what followed was funnier than if they would have left the movie alone.

The “good Samaritan” ploy has worked on many a missionary in Kenya.  I am glad that Jackson was along to keep my folks safe from what could have been a bad situation.

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