June 25th

Monday June 25th, 1973
Copenhagen, Denmark
We arrived in Copenhagen this morning around 7:00am the time here.  We finally got to our hotel (Scandinavia) around 11 o’clock.  The boys went swimming in the hotel swimming pool for a few minutes.  We slept for awhile.  Then we went to Tivoli Gardens.  M.G. and I ate supper at the Pagoda (Chinese restaurant).  The boys had a pizza at a little stand, and then went on some of the rides.  The whole family saw the outside open air show.  It was pretty good, but the best part of it was that we could sit down.  We were all very tired.

Long before Priceline.com came into existence Marshall Duncan was finagling deals with airlines.  This was the second time we stayed in Copenhagen on S.A.S’s tab.  I do not know where Dad learned to do this magic but he did seem to have a way with this type of travel.  Most boys of age 13 and 15 could not say with a snobbish air that, “Copenhagen, oh, we’ve been there twice!”

Phone call to thank Dad again follows this blog post.

Mom sold the open air show a little short in her writing.  I will chalk this down to being tired.  The show consisted of acrobats doing stunts on a trampoline that today would make me blanch.  Acrobatic endeavors do not need translation, so even though the show was in Danish Alan and I really enjoyed the performance.

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