June 24th

Wednesday June 24th, 1981
Limuru and “The Ark”
This morning when I got up I felt a little better.  I was able to eat some breakfast.  We packed up and left for our trip around 9:45am.  As we were driving along we hit a bump and broke a piece on the shock absorber.  When we got to Nyeri about noon we went to the Baptist High School and found out that Jim Dillard and Roy Brent had gone over to the Primary School where their children go to school.  The school was having a “field day”.  Janet came over and she drove us by the Peugeot place to see about getting our car fixed.  Then she drove us on over to the Club where we were to eat lunch and go on to the Ark.  Upon arrival there we saw the Stickney’s and their friends from Dallas, Texas.  M.G. and Ken rode with them in a land-rover to see the game.  I took the regular bus ride.  After getting there I took a nap.  M.G., Ken and the others arrived about 6:10pm.  We saw a leopard tonight.

When Mom felt bad our whole family felt bad.  Mostly we felt bad because we had to eat our own cooking.  Seeing Mom eat some breakfast put a whole new light on the upcoming trip.

Cars, African roads, and things getting broken all seemed to coincide with any trip we made.  However we were able to find a place to take the vehicle so on with the adventure.

By this time I had been in African since 1965 and yet I still did not tire of game viewing.  There is something that always reminds me of God’s power and love when I view any kind of wild animal.

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