June 23rd

Wednesday June 23rd, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
Kenny was sick today, and didn’t go to school so I stayed home with him.  I read the “Newsweek” and the Baptist Standards while I was taking care of him.  We had roast for lunch, but Kenny didn’t eat anything all day.  Today at lunch I made some slaw, and pulled the outer leaves off the cabbage.  Later I saw that George had chopped them up and was cooking them, and I presumed he ate them.  I felt terrible to think he would want something that I had thrown away.  We went to Swahili class and when we came home George was reading a Bible story to the children.

I must have been sick today not because I stayed home from school-I missed a meal!

I would never classify my Mom as a wasteful person.  But God taught her a lesson that day and me a lesson many years later.  When you live in a land where people do not waste hardly anything you gain a new appreciation for the material things God has given you.

Looks like the learning went both ways because George recognized that the Bible was worth reading.  You are a witness today whether you want to be or not.  The real question becomes, “What kind of witness am I?”

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