June 22nd

Sunday June 22nd, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I took the Tigoni women to the women’s meeting at Mahinga.  M.G. did his regular teaching to the church and included the women in on it too.  I left home at 10 o’clock and didn’t get back until 3 o’clock.  They served Kikuyu food and hot tea.  Tonight Wayne Eulich form California spoke at the English speaking service.  He told about the refugee problem on the people from Vietnam, and how that the people were working with them.  He told about several and their conversions to Christ.  Bob and Hannah Laffoon came home with us for supper.  We looked at the “Little House on the Prairie.”

Sometimes the yoke God calls you to is hard.  Imagine if you can, going to church, sitting on the ground, and listening to 4+ hours of a language you can’t quit comprehend.  Your reward for this task is getting to enjoy a large handful of “Kikuyu” food. (Please see link above to fully appreciate this statement.)    Next time you have to sit in your plush pew and don’t get out of service before the 12:06pm just remember my Mom.

Mom’s heart was always open to people and I am sure she thrilled to the stories of people coming to Christ whether in Africa or Vietnam.

Any American T.V. show had big billing in our house and “Little House” was one of Mom’s favorites.  She continued to watch this show in Kenya when it was on and was overjoyed while in the States to see it on reruns.

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