June 21st

Monday June 21st, 1971
Limuru and Narok, Kenya
This morning M.G. had to go into town to get him a special license so that he could kill a zebra while on our hunt.  I got the things ready to leave while he was gone.  We had lunch early and got off about 2 o’clock.  We got there about 5 o’clock.  We went to find a camping spot, and while the men were looking I decided to go into the bushes and use the bathroom.  I had not gone very far when I heard a loud noise so I ran back to the truck.  On the way I fell down twice and skinned my hand and knee.  I was never so scared for I didn’t know whether it was an elephant or a buffalo.  Later I learned it was an elephant and it ran from me.

Dad had very simple rules regarding what you shot on a hunt and what you didn’t.  His rule was, “If you shoot it you eat it.”  Yes, I have eaten zebra.  No, it does not taste like horse-I’ve eaten it also.

When on a hunt in the wilds of Kenya several things become apparent.  The first thing most people notice is the marked absents of bathrooms.  The standard rule we followed was guys on the right, girls on the left of the vehicle.  Mom thought she needed a little more private facility so she opted for some nearby bushes.  No doubt the present occupant, an elephant, also had the same idea.  I do not know what happened first but in a moment Mom is running from the bushes to the car and trees were crashing in the opposite direction.  The picture of Mom’s terrified face as she tripped is burned into my mind.  She thought the beast had her.  All we saw or heard of the departing elephant was a flash of grey and the crash of trees so I cannot attest to the look on his visage.  Suffice it to say, Mom did not go to the bathroom alone for the rest of the trip.

1 thought on “June 21st

  1. Cindy

    I still remember the first time I heard this story about your Momma. She was a brave lady. I most likely would not have gone to the bathroom the rest of the time I was there!

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