June 17th

Saturday June 17th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
Took Alan to the dentist this morning and they took him to the hospital for dental surgery.  They removed the nerve so that his teeth wouldn’t die.  He told us that we should have brought him as soon as it happened.  I felt terrible for my neglect.  Had Simeon kill 4 of our chickens.  Tonight we went to the movie, “Born Free”.  This is our second time to see it.  Kenny played most of the afternoon with two little Asian boys.

June 16th, 1967 is a day that will stand in infamy in the mind of my brother.  Mom neglected to tell the reason why Alan was being taken to said dentist.  During a tussle with his younger brother the night before Alan was bested by Ken’s superior wisdom in ancient fighting technique called “Pehlwani” and was flung from the bed and broke his two front teeth on the floor.  I don’t care what Alan might say to the contrary that is what happened that day.  Wherever my brother goes he carries with him the monument to my skill in battle.

I don’t know why Mom felt the need to sacrifice 4 of our chickens but I must confess that I enjoyed the spoils once they were fried and served.

I was most likely instructing the Asian boys in the finer points of “Pehlwani” skills.

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