June 16th

Tuesday June 16th, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning I went to Gikuni with M.G.  After he finished teaching the Bible, I did my cooking lesson.  I showed them how to make banana pudding.  When the teacher was letting them try it, she just put a little in their hand and they ate it.  M.G. came back home and then returned for me about 10:30am.  We stopped in Westlands and got some sandwiches and potato chips and took them to the Baptist office on Thika road and ate with the folks there.  I got to feeling terrible with my sore throat and cold.  I drove our car back so that M.G. could pick up another car at IGS.  The Horton’s arrived for supper about 7:30pm.  We had already eaten at 6:30pm.  We had enchiladas.

Mom’s joy was in her cooking.  She was a rare woman because she majored on her strengths.  She knew she could cook well so that is where she invested her life as a missionary.  She never did experience a banana pudding revival or see thousands come to Christ via the enchilada platter but there will be people in heaven all the same because of her influence.  If the truth were known she may have had more effect than the “big name” evangelist because she lived, worked, played, and cried with all these ladies.  I will do well to remember this lesson even today.

A picnic at the Baptist office sounds like a wild time in the town, but one of the many memories I have of my folks is that they liked to be around each other.

Mom then helped Dad get a car back to the “hill” even though she felt bad.  The Horton’s enjoyed the enchiladas and never knew that Mom felt bad because she was busy living her gift of service.

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