June 15th

Monday June 15th, 1970
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we went to class as usual.  We were finished at around 10:45am.  This afternoon I made two chocolate pies for tomorrow and some banana bread for breakfast.  I fixed stew for supper.  M.G. picked the boys up at 3:30pm and took them to the Y.M.C.A. to play basketball.  They ate some at the Snyders so they were not too hungry when they got home.  After supper we made some peppermint taffy.  We got a long letter from Mary Nell today.  I went out to the garden today and gathered a head of cabbage.

Swahili class for Dad and Mom usually took up most of the morning.  Today they either skipped class or got out early.

However while Dad got the school run Mom became we ensconced in the kitchen.

I am sure when we got back to the house we were told that eating at the Snyders spoiled our appetite.  I am also sure that our appetite returned with gusto when we started making taffy.  I can still remember having taffy pulls at the house.  We would invite all the neighbors over, butter up our hands, and start pulling that stringy goop.  I always thought it was the neatest thing that we could make candy just like they did in Gatlinburg.

Sometimes when you received a letter from home it just made your day.  This was always the case when Mom’s sister Mary Nell wrote.

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