June 14th

Thursday June 14th, 1979
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I were very sleepy for we didn’t get in the bed until nearly 1 o’clock last night.  When we got up, Willard, our dog that we gave away last Saturday was asleep on the front steps.  It was about 46 miles from here to Naivasha.  We were so surprised to see him.  M.G. and I went into Nairobi.  Nancy, Sally, and Gary Allen rode with us to Rosslyn Academy.  We went by Publications and Communications place.  Today we got letters from Alan, Mom, and Mary Nell.  Also, one from Bro. Cobb at Black Oak.  Alan sent a picture from the newspaper about his speaking at Lake City High School Banquet.  Jim Gaylor was there too.

Mom and Dad were keeping some late hours now that Ken was away from the house for his senior year of high school.

Willard, I cannot hear that name unless I think of my dog in Kenya.  This was the third time Willard had returned from the home we had taken him to.  The first time we gave him away he got back later that afternoon.  He probably wondered if this was some sort of test.  On his 2nd hietus we took him to Nairobi and gave him to a family in the middle of town.  It took him a few days to return this time.  He must have stopped off along the way to fellowship.  As Mom said Naivasha was about 46 miles away through some pretty rough country and yet Willard made it back in less than a week.  The Africans said that we could not give him away again for it was God’s will that we keep this dog.

Rosslyn was where I went to middle school.  The school was located right in the middle of a coffee plantation.  Many memories surround this place, two of which I will share.  I caught my first spitting cobra on the school grounds between classes.  I did not know it was a spitting cobra till after I caught it.  I also learned that playing any musical instrument was not my gift at this school.  Just ask my brother to tell you about playing “Down in the Valley” sometime.

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