June 12th

Monday June 12th, 1967
Mombasa, Kenya
This morning I cooked most of the morning preparing for Ray and the children for lunch and making a cake for tomorrow.  This afternoon Betty and I made plans for the dinner, but after Dorsie and Imagene got home from Limuru the informed us that the ladies wouldn’t like all the trimmings on the curry so we are going to have to change our menu.  Tonight we took the boys to the movie, “Rhino!”  It was very good.  Alan’s cast came off today, but it grew back a little curved which was a disappointment to me.

Mom and the other ladies on our station were preparing for a big party for some of the locals.  As you can read the best laid plans go awry and they have to regroup.  Mom was successful in the endeavor because we all went to the movie afterwards.

I don’t know if it is because I had just read the word “Rhino!” that this word picture came to mind.  But I see the cast coming off Alan’s arm and something like a pale rhino tusk with a hand on the end emerging from the bandages!  How cool would it be to have a brother with this for an appendage?  I, like Mom, struggle to hide my disappointment.

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