June 11th

Saturday June 11th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we got up early and was at the airport a little past 7:30 to meet Alan.  The plane arrived about 8:20am.  We were so happy and thankful that he arrived safely.  He looked so good.  Ken rode in with Margie Bateman from Kijabe.  This afternoon we went to Kenyatta College to see R.V.A. play rugby, but the college was not ready for them so they didn’t play after all.  We then went to see Nondies and Impala play at the Parklands field.  We had the Alf Rhea family and Ricky Blakely for supper.

Everything runs late in Africa so the fact that the plane was just an hour off schedule really meant that it came in early.  I also was glad that Alan arrived safely but I cannot attest to the fact that he “looked so good”.

For those of you that have been reading this blog that is Dad’s other wife Margie.  If you haven’t been reading my blog don’t start any rumors and read the blog.

I will not comment on the missed rugby game because I don’t know how to spell “OOPS” in Swahili.

Alan later played with the Nondies rugby club to keep his skills as a placekicker honed to a fine edge.  He was known as one of two “Lemonade Boys” because he did not drink beer after the games.  We will not know this side of heaven how many people Alan impacted during that time by just abstaining from alcohol.

The Rhea’s and the Ricky joined my folks for supper.   I am sure that Ken got to enjoy the fodder they called food at the Rift!

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