June 9th

Monday June 9th, 1980
Knoxville, Tennessee
Today we took Ken to Camp Carson.  He is going to be the camp missionary there this week.  John brought some more medicine over for Andrea so we took it up there to them.  When we got there Alan was outside cooking hamburgers for their supper.  We come by U.T. and visited with Annetta.  This was our first time to see her since 1972.

As I remember being a missionary to Camp Carson was a great deal.  I did my missionary kid dog and pony show at 9:00am each weekday morning for about an hour.  During this hour I would be speaking to 10-15 youngsters around age 9-11.  After this grueling task I would have the rest of the day off to roam the mountains, swim in the pool, and otherwise make a nuisance of myself.  Unfortunately for my roommate that gave me plenty of time to cook up schemes to make his existence miserable.  Perhaps my best prank to date involved setting our clock ahead 3 hours and getting him out of bed for morning exercise at that most ungodly hour.  He had to be up and at them for the rest of the day, while yours truly simply went back to bed until around 8:45am.

I do not know why Andrea was taking medicine unless it was a preemptive strike on Alan’s cuisine.  All that being said Alan can make a mean batch of chicken salad after 11:30pm.

One of the hardships that missionaries face is not being to keep in touch with family members like they would want to.  Since we only hit the USA once every three years or so you really had to have the stars align to make connections.

1 thought on “June 9th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    I was just talking to a friend of mine last week about all the fun we used to have at Camp Carson. I am glad to know that it is still open and doing well. I have very fond memories of the camp!

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