June 10th

Monday June 10th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I drove the kids to school and then we went on into town.  We picked up the folder that M.G. was having sewed.  It was the folder that I had given him when we were dating which would be over 28 years ago.  We saw an African boy in town that we had known in Mombasa.  M.G. bought he and his friend a cup of tea at the New Stanley.  He was on his way from KIsumu to Mombasa.  He didn’t have any money-naturally.  He was wanting to find his brother who works at Publication.  Tonight I made pizza for supper.  Mrs. Russell, a British neighbor, came over and was wanting to make contact with a friend in Columbus, Ohio by way of our ham radio.  We called Eric’s folks tonight to tell them about what Tim and Tony wanted them to bring them when they came up for the long week-end.

My Dad is to be commended for even having a folder 28 years later.  Actually that is just the kind of thing that my pack rat Dad would do.  Recently I have placed several things from my house on Ebay.  Now that Dad has seen cold hard cash can be had for some of that junk, he might be convinced to pries some stuff loose from the garage.

I don’t know whether this boy was suffering from poor planning or just lack of funds but sometimes you just have to go with your heart.  Dad and Mom provided sustenance for the journey and wished them on their way.  Adding yet more stars to an already weighty crown in heaven.

Eric and stayed with us to finish out the school year in Kenya.  His brothers were most likely at R.V.A.  Knowing the food they were being subjected to I am sure they would have loved some of the pizza we had that night.

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