June 8th

Sunday June 8th, 1975
Limuru, Kenya
Today M.G. had a choir festival for his churches.  Each one of them was represented.  There were over 200 people present.  We served them jelly and bread sandwiches.  Glen Boyd was the leader of the festival.  Tonight we went into Nairobi to hear the R.V.A. choir present “Celebrate Life”.  Alan had a speaking part.  He was Matthew.  Mike Coursey, John Phillips, and Dan Entwistle had the other speaking parts.  Just as we finished eating our supper about 9:30 Alan came by on his way back to Kijabe.  He was with two teachers- Mrs. Sanford and Miss King- his girl friend Marlene Petrosky, and Betsy Booth.  They had tried to buy ice cream in Nairobi but the place was out, so Alan brought them by here for ice cream.  It was a nice surprise for him to come by.

The Kenyan people love to sing.  I am sure when Dad said they were going to have a choir festival all the congregation rejoiced as one.  The Kenyan music scale has 5 notes instead of 8.  The Kenyans clap their hands on the off-beat when keeping time.  I know the Lord enjoys the praise of his people.  However because of my time in Kenya I have been banned from the choir in any church that I have joined.  My wife also forbids me to clap during praise time for the congregation.

“Hi, my name is Matthew, and these are my friends and coworkers…”  That was the first line that Alan had to memorize.  He practiced it so many times that today over 30 years later I still can quote it.

Alan trying to get ice cream in Nairobi reminds me of a story from this same era.  We were in a local ice cream shop and the marquee said “Milk Shakes 5/00 shillings Special Milk Shakes 10/00 shillings”.  I had to know what made a “special milk shake” so I asked the waiter.  He replied, with a straight face I might add, “Special milk shakes have ice cream in them!”

1 thought on “June 8th

  1. Rebecca McBride

    I also think that the lovely Cindy has banned you from singing as well…..if my memory serves me correctly.

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