June 7th

Sunday June 7th, 1981
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. and I went to church at Mahinga.  M.G. preached there.  Just when we arrived, we noticed that my keys were sticking in the trunk of the car.  They had been there all night.  Looks as if I’m getting old.  This afternoon we were hanging the 3 pictures of Alan in the bedroom and M.G. broke the glass in one of them.  Someone came this afternoon to look at the fridge that I have which belongs to the Stewarts.  Buddy Lee came to pick up a car to use while his is being serviced.  For lunch we had left-over enchiladas and salad.  Tonight we talked with Charlie on the ham radio.  We learned that Ken got off to come here on Saturday.

I hope bragging on my Mom does not get old.  However if it does just don’t read the next line.  Mom must have heard Dad preach thousands of times and yet she went with him and paid attention (or acted like it) even though he was preaching in Swahili (Mom’s thorn in the flesh).  The lessons these diaries could teach me if I would just listen.

Everyone has a point in their life when they realize that “they are not old, they are just no longer young!”  This must have been one of those moments for Mom.

Selling other missionaries stuff, with their permission of course, was commonplace on the field in Kenya.  It seems that today we had a fridge available that had just been “used on Sunday”.

Mom’s enchiladas were the stuff of legend.  I remember one of the first times she made this recipe she used cayenne pepper instead of paprika.  I had to drink some water right now because the memory of that night was so hot!

Ken was headed back to Africa for his 2nd trip and great was the rejoicing on both sides of the Indian Ocean!

1 thought on “June 7th

  1. Tracey Murry

    Don’t appologize for bragging. I know I have been totally impressed with your mother’s wisodm and strength.

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