June 6th

Thursday June 6th, 1974
Limuru, Kenya
This afternoon M.G. went out to Kijabe with Maurice Marrow to see Alan.  I sent him some doughnuts and a loaf of bread.  Tonight Tara, Horton girl, Jones boys, Hampton kids all came down to look at Barnaby Jones and Flip Wilson on our TV.  I went to a women’s meeting at Muchatha.  There were only 5 women present.  Tonight we tried to call the Baugh’s in Mbeya for the Baugh children, but was unable to get them.  We were able to get the Moore’s there so we had them give them the message.  The Baugh children wanted their folks to know that their son, David, had arrived from the states.

Dad delivered many care packages to the Rift Valley Academy while my brother and I were there.  Each time he was greeted with the same joy we showed at the first time.  Dad and Mom had heard us tell how bad the food was here but never believed us.  Never believed until they stopped in one day and met us for supper at the cafeteria.  I don’t know if we had “buffalo chips” or “scurvy and rice” that night but never again did they doubt the word of their sons.

TV in Kenya was always entertaining.  We always had a crowd when anything was on besides tribal dancing.

Telephones in Kenya were mostly ornamental.  Whenever I made a call in Kenya I was always reminded of the party line in Mayberry RFD.  You never knew when “Sara” was going to contribute to the conversation.

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