June 4th

Thursday June 4th, 1970
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we went into Nairobi.  The Williams family rode with us.  We took them by the Al Cummin’s place.  The new missionaries went into town today to find the bank and grocery shop.  We saw some of them, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.  We got back out here about 2:30 and I made up a batch of dough.  I’m supposed to furnish 32 hamburger buns for the R.A. camp out.  I bought a pair of tan color circle brand blue jeans for Alan today.  I got them from Ruth Ann Smith.  She had brought them from the Whitson’s place.  Today we mailed Dad’s father’s day gift.  We got him a tie, one with African animals on it.

I don’t remember who the Williams family was but I am glad they were able to ride to town with Mom and Dad.  I do remember the Al Cummin’s place but don’t recall why it would have been on the tour itinerary for today.  Since this happened in 1970 and my memory has lapsed I will just leave it at that.

First trip to town for the new missionaries, Mom seemed to think these newbies would have a hard time finding the bank and store.  Knowing that there was only one bank and at most three stores these folks were not in for a long drawn out search.

Mom was cooking again!  I know the boys at the R.A. camp were glad she was in charge of the buns.

So Alan got a new pair of jeans today.  The reason Ken did not get to partake in new jeans was partially due to his portly waist which proved to be hard to fit most times.

The father’s day tie, anything I could add in the way of comments to this would be superfluous!  But if I know my Papaw I would say this item hung in his closet for many years to come.

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