June 2nd

Friday June 2nd, 1967
Camp (Somewhere in Kenya)
This morning M.G. and I left camp before 7 o’clock to come to Mombasa with our meat.  We brought Simeon with us and left him here.  Mama Jane told us that last night a man stood in our yard and shined the light into our house trying to see if anyone was here.  She called out to the man and he ran.  We were grateful that he didn’t try to come in first.  We left Alan and Ken in camp with Kiribai and Robert.  Kiribai made them a bow and arrow each.  They were real proud of them.  We met Marshall and Dorsie at 2 o’clock and went to Block 26 to camp.

What do you remember most about your childhood?  Some of my fondest memories involve hunting in Kenya.  During most of our stay there we ate wild meat.  The excursions we went on to procure food for our table are adventures that will last a lifetime.


I find it interesting that Dad and Mom left us kids in camp with Kiribai and Robert while they returned to town with the oryx Dad had shot the day before.  I guess it just shows me once again that Mom put her faith in God and trusted him to take care of things.


Alan and I got a sweet bow and arrows out of the deal.  These were not the type that you purchase at Wal-Mart made of plastics and rubber.  These were handmade by a man whose life depended on skill with these weapons.  Kiribai was without a doubt the most amazing African scout we ever had.  I have seen this man actually smell and identify animals that were out of sight.  He could quite literally track a snake across a rock.  I would love to sit by the fireside and hear him tell of his adventures in the wilds of Kenya.

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