June 1st

Sunday June 1st, 1980
Knoxville, Tennessee
This morning we went to FBC Strawberry Plains to hear Alan speak.  This is Mrs. Ogle’s home church so we met lots of her kin folks.  We had dinner at her (Andrea’s) grandmother’s house.  Then after lunch we came to meet Dorothy Ogle who is a sister to Mr. Ogle.  Tonight we went to FBC Knoxville to hear the BSU choir sing and to hear Andrea play the piano.  We saw Mrs. Mynatt there and several other people that we know.  After the choir program we went back to Dorothy’s house to eat supper.

The Swahili sidewinder (AKA Alan Duncan) was in great demand around these parts during the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Alan kept a speaking schedule that would rival most movie stars during his tenure at UT.

He still delivers his message of hope and inspiration today but just does it for a different head Coach.  Words of praise from a younger sibling are few and far between but I am very proud of my brother and the life he has lived and keeps living for the Lord. (Don’t think that this moment of weakness will keep me from poking fun at him as soon as I can during the rest of these posts!)

Andrea, my sister in law, can play the piano with the best of them.  Perhaps someday soon I will get a chance to let my readers enjoy a taste of her talent.

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