May 31st

Monday May 31st, 1965
Mombasa, Kenya
I went to town with Maxine Law today, and met M.G. at the office.  He and Tom Tipton went down to the harbor to get Ensign Stagg and some books that the navy were giving our school.  They had quite a time getting through customs so our picnic didn’t turn out.  Although Ensign Stagg brought us some bologna and bread so we had sandwiches at station meeting.  Virginia made John (Ensign Stagg) a cake since it was his birthday and anniversary.  He had supper with us although we didn’t eat very much for we wanted to save room for bologna sandwiches.  He gave us each 250 pieces of gum (American) for our kids, also a patch with the ships name on it to sew on their shirts.

When I read things like this in my Mom’s diary it makes me proud to be an American.  The American sailors on this ship freely gave of their time and energy to give us missionaries a small but precious taste of home.  I don’t know for sure but I would bet that those books were donations from the men aboard that ship.

Bologna from America, you would have thought Ensign Stagg had offloaded gold bullion to hear the description given this lunch meat.  Next time you recoil at the thought of just a bologna sandwich remember somewhere lives a missionary that dreams of eating B-O-L-O-G-N-A!

I urge you to make sure you thank the next serviceman or woman you see for keeping their post on the wall so you can live free.  I know I sure appreciate the sacrifice these men and women make on my behalf! (Oh, and it’s not just because of the gum!)

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