May 30th

Thursday May 30th, 1968
Houston, Texas
We got up about 8:30 this morning and had breakfast.  I washed two loads of clothes.  Then M.G. and I went over to the Webb’s house to see if Alan and Kenny could play with their son also, to see if they could spend the night there on the 6th and 7th of June while the Bunns are at their convention.  We left for Houston about 1:30pm and got here around 4:30.  The first people that we saw that we knew were the Hulls from East Africa.  The Cromers are across the hall from us.  Tonight we went to Linda’s apt. to have tea with some of the East Africa gang.

Evidently Mom and Dad were going to a mission conference in Houston and were looking for a place to lodge Alan and me.  I think the Webb’s got the lucky number and got to keep us for a couple of days.

The Bunn’s were close friends of ours from Dad’s days in seminary and they lived in Mt. Enterprise, TX.

I know you have seen comments from other missionaries about relationships that are forged in the fire of service. (Aunt Margie’s comment May 23rd)  Common causes make fast friendships.  These bonds hold true even though separated by miles or months.  Mom’s excitement about seeing the Hull’s and the fact that after an afternoon of conference they met for tea are just further proof of this connection.

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