May 29th

Saturday May 29th, 1971
Limuru, Kenya
This morning we made raspberry ice cream and took it to play day at the Cunninghams.  This is the last day for it to be there for they go home on furlough in July.  There was a big crowd there and lots of good food!  Tonight I had the Blakley family for supper and then Vestal and Carol Jean and M.G. and I went to the late movie- “The Love God”.   Our children stayed here at our house and looked at T.V.  Robert tried making banana pudding tonight by himself but he tried to put the eggs into scalded milk too fast and they curdled.

Play day at the Cunninghams.  The Cunninghams were trendsetters while I was on the mission field.  They were the originators of “play day” in Nairobi.  I don’t know where they got the idea but it was a winner with all the missionaries.  Once every so often they would have a big party day at their house.  Each family would bring food and chairs and show up for “dinner on the ground” but no preaching.  The kids would play and the grownups would talk and fellowship and generally let their hair down for a few hours.  I can remember some great times at the “play days” of my past.

You might think it strange that missionaries would even think to go see a movie called “The Love God”.  However you must remember that when your choices are limited you will always tend to be more tolerant of borderline entertainment.  The deciding factor for this movie was Don Knotts starring role.  His fame from Andy Griffith made sure this movie was seen on the foreign circuit by any American with a yearning for the USA.

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