May 28th

May 28th, 1982
Hammond, Indiana
This morning Billie and I went shopping at the mall.  I bought a skirt for $11.00.  We ate at a restaurant called “The York”.  Tonight I spoke at Orchard Drive.  There were 34 present.  The pastor was Clifford Welch.  After church I met Billie and Bob’s daughter and her husband.  He is on the police force here.  Bob went out and bought 3 dozen of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  I ate 3 and hated myself later.

This must have been a trip that the Mission Board planned for my folks during our furlough.  Being in close proximity of Chicago I bet Mom was really amazed at the sheer amount of people that are here.

I could not find a link for “The York” restaurant so if anyone knows where that is please speak up.

Looks like Mom was able to partake in that great police treat “the doughnut” even though she hated herself afterward.  I am not sure that having just 3 doughnuts ranks hating in my book.  Before I was a low-carb guy I have downed a dozen at a time.

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