May 27th

Friday May 27th, 1977
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. finished Mrs. Clark’s car.  While we were finishing breakfast, Web and Betty Carroll came in.  Then Phyliss went to town with them.  Thomas Kennedy came by today. He said that Keith was in Nigeria now.  M.G. helped Thomas to get into his trunk for it was stuck.  Tonight Ken, Eric, Glen, and Sammy went out to the assembly and knocked on the doors of people and disturbed them.  Jim Green came out here to see if they were here.  We made them go back and apologize.

Looks like Dad was fixing a car again this time before breakfast.  He also used his other talents to open the stuck trunk for Thomas.

Ken and his group of hardened hoodlums went out this evening for a wild night on the hill.  This bunch of ruffians was the most calloused of all criminals.  Don’t let their baby faces fool you.  Under that innocent facade was a seething caldron of trouble.  Wait a second, all we were doing was knocking on doors and running away.  The reason we got caught was most likely from the uncontrollable giggling that erupted when the “victims” tried to answer the door.  Jim stopped this unholy reign of terror and my folks made us go and fling ourselves at the mercy of the court.  Kids are kids in any area of the world.

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