May 26th

Tuesday May 26th, 1970
Limuru, Kenya
This morning M.G. fixed a new carpet for the trunk of our car.  He sewed two old pieces together.  We went over and had coffee with the language students.  This afternoon I went with Myrtice and Sally Conley out to a nearby village and we got stuck in the mud.  At first a large number of children tried to help.  Then a young man with 3 donkeys tried to pull us out.  The rope broke when he tried to pull.  Later some men came along and helped.  Then when we finally got out there was a big fuss about who would get the money.  Finally we gave it to an older man and he was supposed to divide it out.

Some days you just know things are going to go wrong and there is nothing you can do about it.  I am sure this is how Mom and these women felt with their ill fated journey to the nearby village.  However knowing Mom and the ladies pretty well I bet they had a great time watching the ensuing attack on the stuck car.  In my mind’s eye I can see those children pushing every way at once to get the car out.  They most likely had a better time getting mud on themselves and the car than anything.  Then to the rescue comes the man with 3 donkeys.  Too bad he also had a rotten rope or he might have obtained the prize.  It was not until later when some other men came along and extracted the car from its miry grave.  The only problem now became how to divide up the spoils.  Evidently the aged appeared most honest so the old guy got the loot and was charged with divvying the take.   

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