May 25th

Sunday May 25th, 1975
Kijabe and Limuru
This morning M.G. came into Kijabe to go to church at Kentmere.  I fixed breakfast for Alan, Ken, Jeff Ramey, and Alf Rhea.  We had cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, and fruit.  M.G. fixed a holder on the wall for Peggy to set her transformer on.  We left Kijabe about 5 o’clock and got here in time for the 6:00 English speaking service.  Jo Von Bryan and Mildred Cagle gave their testimony.  Tonight the T.V. was full of the “welcome back” from the coast for the president of Kenya.  M.G. was unable to contact Charlie tonight.

Mom was helping a lady from R.V.A. out by being a dorm parent over the weekend.  The Duncan picnic banquet extended over 3 days!  I truly thought that I had gone to heaven.  No R.V.A. food for 3 whole days.  Looks like Jeff Ramey (Alan’s roommate) and Alf Rhea (lucky contestant #1) got to join in the food and the fellowship that was had that day.

True to form Dad was always fixing something wherever he went.  Today it happened to be a transformer shelf.

One of the many reasons God wants us to develop a testimony is to encourage out fellowman.  I am sure that the offering from these ladies did just that.  I thought that I would give you a small taste of what the welcome back party.  Just click the video after the jump and sit back and enjoy!

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